CSCI 1301 Wednesday 2/12/14

Go ahead and study sections 3.7-3.8 on your own. This covers Boolean operators and variables, and is really rather a review of what we studied in CSCI 1300 for logic gates and circuits, albeit in a different context.

Email any questions on the subject that you may have to me at, and I will compile any Q&A of general interest into a later news post.

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  1. I am experiencing sporadic internet connectivity.
    We have an assignment due today. Is it a penalty if it doesn’t make it in time?

  2. I submitted the homework from monday and wednesday, both on wednesday the 12th, but on college it says that the one from monday was late 2 days. But i thought the homework got pushed back because of the first snow storm, is that right? or will it be counted as late?

    Thank you!

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