CSC 1010 — Computers & Applications

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Fall Semester, 2016

060TTH11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.NE-0280

Course Description

This course is intended for non-computer science majors. It provides an overview of selected major areas of current computing technology, organization and use. Topics surveyed include the history of computing, data representation and storage, hardware and software organization, communications, networking, Internet technologies, and ethical and social issues.

Note that this course is specifically for students who are NOT majoring in STEM (science/mathematics/technology) fields.

Course Prerequisite

Exit or exemption from all Learning Support and ESL requirements.

Required Materials

  • All resource materials are provided by GPC. No textbook is used for this section of CSC 1010.
  • A portable USB drive, minimum size 4 GB, for running non-standard software and saving your lab and class work, is highly recommended.

Grading Formula

ItemPercentageCalculation for each section
Assignments45% of final grade0.45 * (total assignment points earned/total assignment points possible)
Tests30% of final grade0.30 * (sum of test grades / total test points possible)
Final exam25% of final grade0.25 * (final exam grade)

Note: Points on assignments are not equivalent to points on tests.


Assignment typePoints credit
Activities, Exercises, and LabsAs indicated individually in each assignment; typically 10-25 points per question, depending on complexity of question. This applies to extra credit questions as well.
Essays on specific, social or ethical issues. Essays are graded both on how well you support your position and your writing mechanics.50 points (40 points for content; 10 points for writing mechanics/spelling/grammar)
Projects100 points or as indicated for the specific project.

You are responsible for keeping track of your own assignment submissions and point totals; this is why we have the iCollege Grades tool.

Course-Specific Requirements for Submitting Assignments

  • All activities and assignments, unless otherwise specifically stated, should be submitted through the iCollege Dropbox in the designated folder for that assignment on the due date. Late work is not accepted.
  • Each activity and assignment will have its own folder in the iCollege Dropbox. Folders will open for submission on the day the assignment is made. Folders will remain open until 11:59 p.m. on the Sunday after the activity or assignment is made. Once the folder for that assignment closes, the assignment will not be accepted for grading.
  • Activities and assignments must be submitted to the specific folder for that assignment; assignments submitted to the wrong folder will not be graded.
  • Even if it is a pair or group activity/assignment, each student must individually submit their own copy of the work to the iCollege Dropbox. This is necessary because of the way iCollege handles the connection between the Dropbox and the Gradebook.
  • Essays must be a minimum of three hundred (300) words long, NOT counting headings and reference citation. Essays not meeting the length requirement will have a minimum of one letter grade deducted from the essay’s grade.
  • All assignments and activities will be automatically checked for plagiarism by TurnItIn when submitted to the iCollege Dropbox.
  • Lab activities and assignments should include the answers to lab exercises plus printouts of all specified screenshots.
  • All work must be typed unless otherwise stated. Scanned handwritten submissions will not be accepted, as they are usually illegible.

In-Class Activity Information

Many class meetings involve in-class activities to be completed as partner work. You may or may not complete a activity during the allotted class time. Activities are always due (unless explicitly stated otherwise) by midnight on Sunday of that week, the same as homework assignments, and must be submitted to the iCollege dropbox for the chapter by each partner individually.

The point of these activities is to both give you hands-on learning opportunities and to give you experience in working as part of a team. The latter is as important as the former; the intent is to work together to solve a problem, not to split the work in half and each team member do half individually, then combine results. Therefore:

  1. if you are absent from class, you may do the assignment on your own, but 10% will be deducted from your grade unless you produce appropriate documentation of illness, court summons, or other legitimate reason for missing class. Work schedule conflicts and oversleeping are not considered legitimate reasons for missing class.
  2. if you leave class before the end of class AND you have not submitted a completed activity to iCollege, you will not receive any credit for that activity.

Important Dates

August 22Classes begin.
August 22 – September 1Roll Verification Attendance Period
Students MUST attend class at least once during this period to avoid being removed from the class as never attending.
October 11Midpoint for fall semester full-term classes
Last day to withdraw with a grade of ‘W’
November 21-25Thanksgiving Week Holiday, no classes held
December 5Last day of classes
December 8Final exam, 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.