Final Exam Study Guide

The basic for­mat of all tests for this course is a two-part test:

Page 1 will be mul­ti­ple choice, and must be completed before going on to page 2. Page 2 contains sev­eral free-response questions. These may be discussion ques­tions or small prob­lems to solve.

This test will be closed-book, closed-note. Calculators are not allowed on the test.

Ques­tions on the test come from mul­ti­ple sources:

  • Etext readings, including all items linked from the etext for the sections covered
  • In-class activities and homework assignments, including specific readings related to those assignments
  • Course library resources

To do well on the exam, it is impor­tant that you:

  • Read each ques­tion carefully.
  • Answer only the ques­tion that is asked; par­tic­u­larly with the sec­ond part, do not spend your time try­ing to do more than the question states.
  • Ask for clar­i­fi­ca­tion on any ques­tion that you don’t understand.

The final exam is COMPREHENSIVE. Questions cover the entire content of the course, and may pertain to any topic we have covered at any point during the semester. Refer to previous study guides for specific information about earlier topics.

Major top­ics

  • Cloud computing
    • What is it
    • Common cloud computing resources
  • Internet censorship
    • How it can work
    • How it can be avoided
    • The ethical issues involved
  • Constructing web pages
    • Basic web page structure
    • Fundamental HTML & CSS commands
    • The difference between HTML and CSS
      • Structure
      • Usage
      • Purpose
  • Basic programming
    • Types of statements shown in tutorial
    • Importance of order of statements
    • How to make decisions & repeat actions