CSC 1301 Course Library

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Textbook Supplements

Textbook supplemental files that are subject to copyright will be available via iCollege.


Test Study Guides


Development Environments

  • Basic Development Environments, best for beginning programming students
    • jGRASP is a limited-function development environment good for students first learning to program in a given language. This is the development environment available on campus.
    • Geany is my personal favorite development environment because it’s lightweight and easy to use.
  • Professional Development Environments, complex and challenging to learn, more than students need for these classes.

Topic References


Basic Elements

Basic Objects and Input/Output

Selection statements

Repetition statements

Basic Object-Oriented Design

User-defined methods

User-defined classes


Vectors, Strings, and Enumerations

Graphic User Interfaces

Program Examples

  • A variety of basic code examples from Sun Microsystems
  • Character & String code examples from Sun Microsystems
  • Numbers & math operations code examples from Sun Microsystems
  • I/O code examples from Sun Microsystems. Most of these are advanced I/O concepts but there are a couple of basic examples as well.

Additional Resources and References