CSC 1302 — Principles of Computer Science II

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Fall Semester, 2016

051MW5:30 p.m. – 7:15 p.m.NE-0280

 Course Catalog Description

Fundamental principles of computer programming. Expressions, procedures, variable types, data, input/output. Emphasis on structure and clarity as well as correctness.

Course Prerequisite

CSC 1301 with a C or higher.

Required Materials

CSC 1302 Principles of Computer Science II; Second Custom Edition for Georgia State University. Pearson Learning Solutions. ISBN-13 978-1-323-42478-0, ISBN-10 1-323-42478-4.

You will need a USB flash drive (minimum size 4 GB, 8 GB or more preferred) on which to save your work. Be sure you bring this to each class meeting, as we do work on the computer during many class sessions.

Grading Formula

Final exam30%

Course-specific requirements for submitting assignments

  • All assignments must be submitted through the iCollege Dropbox tool. Each chapter has its own folder for submisisons. The Dropbox folder for the chapter opens the day we start on that chapter. All work for a chapter is due one week after we finish that chapter; however, the Dropbox folder closes one week after that due date to allow for submission of (penalized) late work.  Assignments must be submitted to the correct folder for that chapter; those submitted to another folder will not be graded.
  • For programming assignments, you should submit each individual program as a separate, compiling source code file(s), along with screenshots of test runs of your program pasted into a text document. I will be compiling and running your programs to grade them (with my own test data, which I will NOT make available to you!); thus you need to make sure your programs have been adequately tested beforehand. You are responsible for making sure your programs have been adequately tested before submission. Any program which does not compile as submitted will receive an automatic zero.

In-Class Lab Information

Many class meetings involve in-class labs to be completed as partner work. You may or may not complete a lab during the allotted class time. Therefore, labs will always be due (unless explicitly stated otherwise) by the beginning of the next class meeting, are subject to the same late work penalties as assignments, and must be submitted to the iCollege dropbox for the chapter by both partners.

The point of these labs is to both give you hands-on learning opportunities and to give you experience in doing design and programming as part of a team. The latter is as important as the former; the intent is to work together to solve a problem, not to split the work in half and each team member do half individually, then combine results. Therefore if you leave class before the end of class AND you have not submitted a completed lab to iCollege, you will NOT receive credit for that lab.

Important Dates

August 22Classes begin.
August 22 – September 1Roll Verification Attendance Period
Students MUST attend class at least once during this period to avoid being removed from the class as never attended.
September 5Labor Day Holiday, college closed
October 11Midpoint for fall semester full-term classes
Last day to withdraw with a grade of ‘W’
November 21-25Thanksgiving Week Holiday
No classes held
December 5Last day of classes
December 7Final exam, 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.