CSC 1302 Course Library

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Textbook Supplements

Textbook supplements (PowerPoint slides, source code files, and lab questions) can be downloaded from iCollege.

Topic Summaries

Software Resources

Sun Microsystems Java site
Download the JDK and accompanying documentation from here.
Java 8 API
Documentation for everything provided as part of the Java language. This is the most recent version, NOT installed on campus.
Java 7 API
Documentation for everything provided as part of the Java language. This is the version installed on campus.
Java Compiler Options
Documentation for the most common Java compiler options, useful for command line compilation.
Using Java’s Compiler
Steps you’ll need to use to compile a Java program from the command line; includes how to temporarily set the PATH variable under Windows so that it can locate javac. Works for both desktop and Portable Apps use.
The Eclipse Integrated Development Environment
A more powerful and full-feature (and correspondingly more complex to learn) environment for doing Java programming.
The NetBeans Java Integrated Development Environment
Another professional-level development environment

Topic References


Basic Elements

Basic Objects and Input/Output

GUI Design/Implementation & Graphics

Basic Object-Oriented Design

User-defined methods

User-defined classes



Vectors, Strings, and Enumerations

Exceptions & Events


Generic Methods & Classes

Collections (Data Structures)


Linked Lists



Searching Algorithms

Sorting Algorithms

Binary Trees

Big-O Notation

Program Examples

The following program examples supplement the textbook examples.

  • A variety of basic code examples from Sun Microsystems
  • Character & String code examples from Sun Microsystems
  • Numbers & math operations code examples from Sun Microsystems
  • I/O code examples from Sun Microsystems. Most of these are advanced I/O concepts but there are a couple of basic examples as well.
  • Classes & Inheritance code examples from Sun Microsystems
  • Applet code examples from Sun Microsystems

Resources and References

Classic Problems

Tower of Hanoi

John Conway’s Game of Life

Koch Snowflakes

Fibonnaci Number Series

Binary Trees

Stacks and Queues



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