Class Discussion for Chapter 2.6

Strong encryption for communications and data
Several tech companies (e.g., Apple and Google) are adding strong encryption for some user communications and stored data that can prevent (or make extremely difficult) access by phone thieves and the government. The companies themselves cannot access the data when requested by law enforcement agencies.
Group 1: Argue that people should be free to use (and companies free to provide) the best available tools to protect privacy. Address the problems of investigating serious crimes.
Group 2: Argue that a law should require that the technology allow law enforcement access to communication and stored data. Address concerns raised by the release of documents describing vast government surveillance programs.
Group 3: Assume there is no law restricting use of tools that prevent government access (or make it extremely difficult). You are a committee of high-level executives of a major tech company debating whether to implement such technology in your operating system for cell phones and other products. Mention several relevant issues and discuss them.