Test #1 Online Review Sign-Up

Hello everyone!

I know it is a bit early in the semester to be thinking about the first test but I figured I would go ahead and put this out there to give you time to thoroughly think about and answer.  During my discussions with the 1302 class tonight, there seemed to be some interest in doing an online review for Test #1 (There will also be an in-person review with a date TBA).   Once we get closer to the exam date, I will remind you all about these sign-ups.

For the 1301 class, go to this link to sign up – https://goo.gl/forms/wIwxUctWCymU2lvx1

For the 1302 class, go to this link to sign up – https://goo.gl/forms/YgiXyKqkJBN9TreZ2

You should not need a Google account to fill out the forms.  For any questions, comments or concerns please email me at wking6@gatech.edu.

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