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Key Terms

  • Data file: A file containing related records.
  • Database management system (DBMS): A system that manages the files in a database.
  • Database: A collection of related data files.
  • Distributed databases: Allow the physical data to reside at separate and independent locations that are electronically networked together.
  • Field: A group of bytes used to represent a string of characters.
  • Middleware: Software that allows separate, existing programs to communicate and work together seamlessly.
  • Primary key: An attribute or combination of attributes that uniquely identifies a tuple.
  • Query languages: Enable the user or another application program to query (ask questions of) the database, in order to retrieve information.
  • Record: A collection of related fields.
  • Relational database model: A model of a database in which a data file is conceptually represented as a two-dimensional table.
  • Tuple: A row of a table in a relational database model.