Recommended/Required Portable Apps

This document contains instructions & information about setting up the portable Windows applications on your USB drive for use with my CSCI classes. General instructions and applications for everyone are followed by lists of programs needed by only one or two courses.

Start by downloading and installing the Portable Apps Platform current stable version. When you go to the download page, the download will start automatically after five seconds. Save the download file on your desktop — note that if you are doing this in the lab or classroom, you will have to specifically browse to and select Desktop before clicking Save.


After the download finishes, locate the file’s icon on your desktop and double-click it. The install program will start. Make sure your USB drive is inserted in the computer, and set the install location to the root directory of that drive (usually >E: or a higher letter, depending how many disk drives your computer contains.


Once you have done that, use “Computer” to navigate to your USB drive. You will see a new folder for your Portable Apps as well as a new icon, labeled “Start”. Click that icon to start up the Portable Apps Platform. A window will pop up on the lower right corner of your screen:


Choose “Apps-> Get More Apps” from the menu on the right side to access the Portable Apps Store. Refer to the lists below to select the items you want to install, then click “Next” to start downloading and installing the actual apps. Note that for several of the apps you will be asked to accept access or license terms during the install process.

You can repeat this app installation process at any time to add more programs to your flash drive.

All Courses

CSCI 1100 — Introduction to Computing

CSCI 1300 — Introduction to Computer Science


CSCI 1301/1302 — Principles of Computer Science I/II