Final Project — Preliminary Planning

Your final project for this class is to develop an e-commerce site for a small company, either real or imaginary. If you don’t have a real company of your own (or a friend’s company) to work on and would LIKE a real project, contact me. I can check around to see if anyone I know needs you to develop something for them! Otherwise, start coming up with an idea of your own. Yes, this is a very free-form assignment!

By next Wednesday (July 6), you need to turn in to me a basic outline of your site. This should include a description of the company itself, a list of the pages you initially expect to include, and descriptions of the pages themselves. Also describe the overall style and appearance you are going to aim for (should be in keeping with the company image itself). I expect your design to change and adapt over the next month as we look at interactivity with JavaScript/AJAX and PHP, so you don’t need to have EVERYTHING planned out in full detail, but you do need a “roadmap.”

You will certainly want to have some graphics available for use in your site. If you want to create your own, feel free to do so this week. If not, search through the various resources in the course library and the “Useful Tools” links section to find possible backgrounds, icons, and other images you will want to use. If you need more places to look, browse through the posts at Smashing Magazine for more resources than you can possibly use!

I’ll be wanting to discuss your project individually with each of you, so be prepared for that next week.