As a final follow-up for week 1, read Jeffrey Zeldman’s article on understanding web design.
It’s fine if you don’t “get” all of what he says, but Zeldman is an important voice in the web design field and this article is an essential philosophical summary.

Now that we’ve looked a bit at web site design, let’s start looking at the basic tool of web site creation, (X)HTML.
Used correctly, (X)HTML specifies the basic structural design of a web page, but says nothing specific about how that web page will eventually look.
As such, we are going to simply concern ourselves with setting up content right now and not worry about how it looks (that’s next week).

Reading List for (X)HTML

Required Reading and Assignments

  1. Web Design Notes Part I — Essential HTML.
    Read this first.
  2. Make Use Of’s How to Speak Internet: Your Guide to XHTML
  3. HTML Hell.
  4. Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced HTML tutorials from HTMLDog.
    Work through the tutorials, do the exercises, build a html file that contains all the examples shown to have for reference.
    The point is to understand the tags themselves this week — the content doesn’t matter too much right now.
  5. XHTML Web Design Tutorial from Sitepoint.
    Work through the tutorial, do the exercises, save your result file.
    Yes, I know there will be some duplication with the earlier html file but that’s okay.
  6. What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like – CSS-Tricks.
  7. Semantic Mark-up.
  8. HTML Transitional What? | The Ins and Outs of HTML Document Type.
  9. Strict, or Loose with your DTD Standards?.
  10. XHTML Cheat Sheet.
  11. Another HTML/XHTML Cheat Sheet

Additional readings

Read these once you are done with the ones above. They aren’t as essential but they WILL be useful!

  1. Start Your Design with XHTML Templates
  2. Handcoding HTML Is Still in Vogue
  3. My Big Ol’ List of Design/Development, HTML/CSS and Personal Blogs I Read.
    I really, really urge you to look through this list, see which of these blogs look good to you, and subscribe via RSS if you are serious about web design/development.

Assignment Submissions

For this unit, just submit your resulting HTML files from working through the HTMLDog and Sitepoint tutorials.
Please submit these via email rather than through the assignment dropbox — it will make them SO much easier for me to view/grade them!

Also, watch out for a couple of upcoming discussions! You ARE expected to read and participate!